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Let’s save a little energy…

… running the dishwasher!!! Is this even possible? Yup!!! First of all, when I run my dishwasher, I only run with a full load, usually every other or every third day. Unless I’m baking or cooking a lot for company, I don’t usually have a lot to wash so I guess I could probably do them by hand, but there’s always something going on that I just don’t have the time, or the oomph, to do them. And, not only that, I feel like I’m using more water when I hand-wash, so I feel like I’m saving water by running the dishwasher.

I also save by using the Air Dry option!!! I’ve used the air-dry option on my dishwasher forever and ever!!! My normal routine is, when the rinse cycle has ended, I shake the racks back and forth a little to get the sitting water off the tops of glasses, cups, etc. I also shake plastic containers and lids to get the water out of the rims. This only takes a couple of seconds. Then, when I’m done with that, I leave the door ajar. (Leaving the top rack pulled out a little will hold the door open.) Because the inside of the dishwasher and the dishes are still hot from the rinse cycle, the heat dries everything beautifully as the steam escapes from the top of the door. I have friends who leave the door completely open, but then the heat escapes too quickly and they wind up having to dry everything with a dish towel because the water has cooled off before it evaporates.

I don’t usually let the dishwasher run when I’m not home, but it’s set for air-dry for, on the rare occasion, if I have to leave the house before the rinse cycle has finished, I’m not using extra electric to heat up the drying element. And, if a small plastic item should fall to the bottom, it won’t melt and possibly cause a fire.

Well, just a little tip. Have a Great Week.


2 thoughts on “Let’s save a little energy…

  1. Good advice to not run the dishwasher if you are not home. One time (I hate to admit it but recently!) I turned the dishwasher on just as we were leaving for a long weekend. When we returned 4 days later, it was still running hot water on the wash cycle!!!! An expensive weekend! The computer chip had failed (and it was cheaper to get a new dishwasher than to replace the parts!!!)


    • Oh my gosh!!! I never even thought of the dishwasher running on a never-ending cycle. My fear was that the machine would leak and I’d have water all over the place. So sorry for your expensive weekend.


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